Daily Project 08: Gashina

Nov 14_Gashina.jpg

Comments: After an hour I think I would love love love to explore this poster a bit further. I would love to try making a series with multiple women. Stay tuned for the future. ;) 

Progress: Clip of a chunk of the progress

Photo of Girl: Matheus Ferrero from Unsplash;
Photo of Wall+Leaves: Tim Mossholder from Unsplash

Daily Project 06: Don't Know Why


Progress: Hand drawn type today

Photo's used: From Unsplash

Daily Project 05: Alice

Nov 10-5.jpg

After doing 5 of these I have figured out what I want this project to be and what I enjoyed doing the most.. Lyrics/Music. My whole world revolves around music so going forward I want to challenge myself to try to capture the feeling of a song in each of these posts. 


Photo's used: From Unsplash

Daily Project 04: Proud

Inspiration/Thoughts: The word 'proud' is starting to feel very weird to me now that people have been repeating it to me.. using it to tell me I did something good by giving up my job to go freelance. 'Proud' is such a double ended and important word, I really wish people would watch how they use it.


Colour Inspiration: Gugudan - Chococo Factory Cover